Homeschool Learning Styles Quick Guide

How to Know Your Child’s Learning Style

Knowing your child’s learning style can help you teach them more effectively.  It can also help you choose an instructional model or curriculum that will best help him or her learn.  

This Homeschool Learning Style Quick Guide will help you understand the different learning styles and how to know which one(s) best describe your child.

Homeschool Learning Styles
Learning StyleLearning Style DescriptionCharacteristics You Might See in Your Child
VisualLearn by seeing

Respond well to charts, graphs, diagrams

Think in pictures, imagine what they’re reading (movie in their mind)

Enjoy using highlighters (perhaps colorful) to emphasize important parts of a text

Mind maps benefit them

Spends time really looking at pictures

Remembers many details about what they’ve seen

Good with directions because they remember where they’ve been and what they saw on the way to get there

Likes to doodle

AuditoryLearn by hearing

Respond well to songs and chants

Learn well listening to lectures, audio books, etc.

Remember oral instructions well

Enjoy presenting orally

Learn through discussion

Often heard singing to themselves

May make up songs to accompany what they’re thinking about

Enjoys listening to audio books, Adventures in Odyssey, Patch the Pirate, etc.

Get distracted easily if too much noise in background (or if it’s too quiet!)
Reading/WritingLearn by reading or writing

Learn well by reading a textbook

Use note-taking to remember important information

Prefer to write their thoughts rather than present them orally
Enjoys reading in free time

Likes to journal

Remembers well what they’ve written down

KinestheticLearn by doing 

Learn through the use of movement

Enjoy hands-on learning

Do not like to sit for long periods of time

Learn through models or physical representations of a topic

Athletic/Enjoys sports

Can remember how to do something after they’ve done it once

Enjoy the use of motions when singing children’s songs

Enjoy building or making models

Choosing Homeschool Curriculum Specific to Your Child’s Learning Style

Do you have a better idea of your child(ren)’s learning style(s)?  

Learn more about each learning style and the best instructional models and curricula for them here:

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