Praising in the Twilight, Waiting for the Dawn

And all that is left is highest praises.

So sing hallelujah to the Rock of Ages.

I woke more times than I can count last night with those words swirling through my head.  Literally every time I awoke, my mind was clinging to those words.

I am in a battle.  And here I am, needing Jesus to come through in a mighty way.  I need him to make a way where there is no way.  

And, oh, how he is!  

Praising in the Twilight, Waiting for the Dawn

After months of anticipation, the hour is almost here.  For months, my Lord has brought before me words of how he will fight for me.  Words of how he will expose my enemy; I don’t need to try.  He’s made it clear that I do not need to mount a counter-attack.  Instead, I need to be patient and watch him move.

My head has listened, and my heart is trying to.  My Jesus has seen me through before, and I know he will do so again. 

But it’s been difficult to convince all of me that this is true.  My blood pressure has spiked several times, even when I was trying to be at peace.  The way he’s created us is so interesting and intricate, how an emotional situation can affect the physical body in such profound ways.  Perhaps you know just what I mean.

And yet, here I am, almost to the eve of my battle.  

Oh, how God has been revealing himself to me!  His plan is becoming more clear, and it has been incredible to watch.  He has brought others to my cause that seem to have no business being here.  They have pursued me, desiring to come to my aid…for free.  This should not happen.  But God.  

Oh, how he loves his Bride.  How he cares for his own!  

I spoke with a sweet sister the other day.  She shared with me her own trial, describing how Jesus led her every step of the way.  Literally.  She described it as walking through the dark, unable to see where to go, but holding Jesus’ hand tightly as he led her.

I can relate to that so closely.  The past few months have felt like walking in the dark.  I’ve had peace and comfort knowing that Jesus was holding my hand.  And I’ve trusted him to lead me.  But it is still disconcerting to be unable to see where we’re going.  Just walking in complete and utter darkness without a hint of light.  

Only just now…at almost the 11th hour, the sky is beginning to take on a grayish cast.  I think I can make out some shapes in front of me, but I can’t be certain.  

And I am fighting the urge to run forward thinking there will be light there.  

No, I must keep clinging to Jesus’ hand lest he turn this way or that and I get lost.  

So for now, I worship in the twilight, willing my heart and mind to focus on just praising my Jesus.  I force my eyes to look only at him, rather than trying to see where he is leading me.  

So for now I worship in the twilight, forcing my eyes to look only at Jesus rather than trying to see where he is leading me.  And I trust.

And I remember how he has led and even carried me before.  And I trust that he will lead me through again.

Then I think of more lyrics to the song that has been occupying my mind.  And I keep clinging to Jesus’ hand as the waters swirl around me, and we walk right on top of the waves.

And I’ll testify of the battles You’ve won

How You were my portion when there wasn’t enough

I’ll testify of the seas that we’ve crossed

The waters You parted, the waves that I’ve walked

Singing, oh, my God did not fail

Singing, oh, that’s the story I’ll tell

Oh, I know it is well

Oh, it’s the story I’ll tell

Check out the Song!

The Story I’ll Tell” by Maverick City Music feat. Naomi Raine

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